Exterior Products

 The exterior cabins are designed and built with an IP55 degree of environmental protection, and an IK10 degree of protection against mechanical impacts, which, together with the incorporation of a self-ventilated double-insulated wall, ensure that the equipment and Batteries inside are not affected by environmental hazards.

In addition to this, the degree of protection against intrusion is very high due to the incorporation of safety lock with four locking points and the non-accessibility to any detachable element from the outside of the cabin.

Some of the technical details that stand out in our exterior cabins are:

  • Made of galvanized and stainless steel.
  • Finishes in RAL-7035 Weather-specific polyester.
  • They include fans with thermostat in each module.
  • Double wall for thermal protection in first and last body.
  • Degree of environmental protection IP-55.
  • Bottom cover for mechanized cable passage with / indications.
  • Cable passage between cabins.
  • Cover for lower cable passage.
  • Common roof for cab bodies.
  • Front doors with security lock "3 points" closing.
  • Grounding bar.
  • PVC document holder.
  • Door retainer with shock absorber. (novelty).
  • Dust filters on front door and fans.
  • Transport cannons.