Below you can see some of the main references of custom product development or exterior / interior products:

  • Design and manufacture of terminals for frigates of war, for the Spanish, German and Indian armies by Indra Sistemas. Custom made in 19 "rack.
  • Design and manufacture of 60 EMC communications projects DVOR racks between Spain and Australia.
  • Equipment and installation of the NASA observatory in Madrid.
  • Design and manufacture of digital transmitters Rack 53 for Saudi Arabia.
  • Manufacture of 46 cabins IP65 Exterior for motorways of Catalonia.
  • Design and manufacture of consoles for AIRBUS A330.
  • Communication systems for television in 14 African countries.
  • Technical cabinets of the Data Processing Center of the Secretariat of Economy in Abu Dhabi.
  • Railway system in Mozambique by Siemens.
  • Booths for railway telecommunications in Egypt.
  • Design and creation of positions in power plants in Gabon.
  • Equipment for the high-speed train in Spain.
  • NH90 Helicopter training consoles.
  • IP55 cabinets for the Maritime platform in Cameroon.
  • Certification of NATO quality NCAGE CODE 1035 B, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
  • Under the regulation of EMI, RFI and ZERO ZERO storm according to requirements.